Sienna miller dating sean combs

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Seated in front of the mixing board at “Daddy’s House” in white cargo shorts, blue high-top sneakers and a matching short-sleeve shirt, he yawns deeply and often.

His diamond earrings and the “Life after Death” tattoo that peeks through his left shirtsleeve—a tribute to his friend and protégé Christopher “The Notorious B. G.” Wallace, infamously killed in a drive-by shooting in 1997—are the only traces of the heavily mythologized and often caricatured icon who once shouted across the world’s airwaves that he would forever be a bad boy.

In fact, it was only with the release of last year’s , in which Combs was portrayed by actor Derek Luke and served as executive producer, that the man closest to Wallace was able to do so himself.

“It’s something that I just hadn’t been able to get over,” he says.

“It was such a shock to me—it turned my life upside down.

After two decades in the game, Sean “Diddy” Combs—free of superstar posturing, bad-boy sunglasses and bombshell girlfriends—discusses , his most vulnerable and soulful album to date, and the wild ride that got him here alive.But before the video is over the Diddy flavor we’ve come to expect returns in the form of several gyrating women.Likewise, “Someone to Love You,” a deeply earnest song about love and desire, is peppered with a line about “skeet” and bedsheets.By the time he dropped out of college, he was already a top-level executive at the company. Biggie was murdered in a drive-by shooting outside of the Peterson Automotive Museum after a party in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997.At just 24, he established Bad Boy Records, signing and producing albums for some of his generation’s most influential musicians, from Jodeci and 112 to Mary J. For years, it looked like the rap world would never fully recover.

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