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In this post, we’ll zero in on a few of our classic favorites—coats that’ll not only be a timeless addition to your wardrobe, but look great with everything from that casual shawl lapel cardigan to your very own Black Lapel custom suit. The Top Coat The top coat is an essential cold weather companion for any perfectly tailored suit.

In our opinion, it’s the sexier cousin of the longer and heavier overcoat which ends below the knee.

There’s a reason that it’s hard to find reasonably priced outerwear that doesn’t have a composition of at least 25% polyester or other synthetic fibers like nylon or rayon.

Polyester is stronger and more flexible than many natural fibers, and its lack of breathability that makes it burdensome in the summer can be a blessing to wearers hoping to retain heat in the winter.

They were also fastened with large wooden or horn toggles so they could be easily be done or undone with bulky gloves on, an early innovation made obsolete by these genius gloves that even let you text with them on.

We still love the look and make this our go-to coat for a brisk weekend outing.

The top coat is all about that perfect marriage of simplicity and masculinity.

With the right fit, it has an uncanny ability of framing a suit and adding even more charm and depth to it and its wearer, much like the way a proper vest might do for a three-piece.

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Our concrete jungle transforms into concrete wind tunnels channeling subzero gusts of frostbite inducing cold.

So while we enjoy giving our suits and shirts the spotlight, surviving a cold winter demands adding a layer or two. From pea coats to parkas to single- and double-breasted overcoats, the world of winter coats can be daunting for the uninitiated.

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