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Brief : He was missing with one Alto 800 white colour Reg. ML-11-1458 which belong to Shri Joyfull Lyngdoh S/o (Lt) Peit Dkhar of Khliehriat, East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya 8. Address : Khliehriat West, PS-Khliehriat, Dist-East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, PIN-793200 3. Wearing : Brown Jacket, cotton black pant and chappal 7. Superintendent of Police, East Jaintia Hills at e-mail [email protected] on Mobile No. Place of missing : From his residence at Pynthorbah, Block-I, Shillong 8. Wearing : White Jacket, Blue Jeans, Black Sandals 7. Missing since : 10/02/2016 All concerned who can identify the missing boy may contact : O/C Shillong Sadar PS / Police Control Room 0364-2224818 / 2222277 / 2544124 or in Fax 0364-2225675 1. Complexion : Black ; medium Hair (black) ; Eyes : Black 6. Wearing : Blouse printed white colour and pink Garo Dakmanda 8. Missing since : 18/09/2014 All concerned who can identify the missing woman may contact : O/C Mendipathar PS North Garo Hills, Mob:9862782716 or I/O Mendipathar PS Mob:96784974651. Wearing : Shirt and blue jeans pant with chappal 7.

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Address : Ganesh Das Hospital, Lawmali, Shillong 3.

Place of missing : Pynthorumkhrah Block-III, Shillong 8.

Missing since : @ 6 AM All concerned who can identify the missing child may contact : I/C Pasteur BH 0364-2591545 or Shillong PCR 0364-2222277 1. Place of missing : Paikan Tri-Junction, Goalpara, Assam 5.

Place of missing : Paikan Tri-Junction, Goalpara, Assam 5.

Name : Smti Terisa Sangma , D/o Smti Omeka Sangma 2.

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