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Her approach has resulted in a diverse body of work that can be both humorous and grotesque in its assessment of humankind’s history of coexistence.

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Both bodies of work weave together stories of distinct artistic traditions to emphasize the constant evolution and exchange of influences that shape culture and identity.

Resembling parched earth, the characteristic cracks were the product of aesthetic experimentation by Chinese master ceramicists who intentionally fired the pottery to the point of distress, resulting in the highly valued accidental cracks running through the pottery.

Varejão’s new body of monochromatic, crackled works is inspired by 11th century Mimbres pottery from what is now the southwestern United States.

The artworks highlight the amalgamation of cultural identities that began with colonialism and continues through modern globalization.

The , paintings influenced by the hand-painted ceramic tiles dating to the 17th and 18th century that were brought to Brazil from Portugal, as well as 11th century cracked Song Dynasty pottery from China.

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