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A representative from the Real Doll company was also there to take Eric's measurements for a Real Doll facsimile that the Stern crew wanted to have in the studio to have sex with whenever the mood took them.At first, Eric refused to allow the measuring process, but after Howard promised to introduce him to Diana De Garmo, Eric relented., Howard Stern lists early members of the Wack Pack, including Irene the Leather Weather Lady, who is essentially the first Wack Packer, having met Stern in May 1980 when he was broadcasting from WWWW in Detroit, Michigan.The introduction of Fred the Elephant Boy on the radio show on November 28, 1988 however, among a collection of others, made Stern call these group of show personalities as the "Wack Pack" on July 6, 1990 as documented in .Eric the Midget is a dwarf born with a medical condition that confines him to a wheelchair.He insists that he not be called a midget, preferring to be called Eric the Actor.

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Through their appearances on the radio show, some Wack Packers have gained notoriety for personal appearances around the country and occasionally, played small roles in films and television programs.On November 3, 2008, Eric made his first live appearance in Studio 69.Other guests that were present at the time were Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, TNA wrestler Kurt Angle, American Idol contestant Diana De Garmo, High Pitch Erik playing his "Kelly Clarkson" character and two hookers, Hailey and Cherry, from The Bunny Ranch that banged Eric the night before in order to get a plug from Howard for the Nevada Whorehouse.On November 19, 2008 Eric the Midget called the Howard Stern show and left a voice mail message that he "wanted to butt fuck Natalie and make her squeal like a pig" .The Natalie he was referring to was Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines, who Eric felt had made derogatory remarks about him weeks earlier.

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