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Rakhine state is home to most of the Rohingya, many of whom are Muslim. Ariful Islam, a Bangladeshi border commander, told the Benar News website. aid agencies are currently trying to raise at least million to help meet the needs of new refugees. In a statement posted to her Facebook page Wednesday, she said the people of Myanmar know very well what it means “to be deprived of human rights and democratic protection.” She added the government is committed to protecting the rights of all people and also providing “humanitarian defense.” However, Aung San Suu Kyi also said there had been "a huge iceberg of misinformation" about the violence in Rakhine state.Myanmar’s government considers them illegal immigrants. The Rohingya, however, say they are a minority group and have roots in the country, also called Burma, going back hundreds of years. He added, “We are trying to convince them to stay at their homeland, Rakhine, but it is not always working.” Before the latest fighting, at least 400,000 Rohingya who fled earlier violence were already living in refugee camps and settlements in southeastern Bangladesh. They need medicine, they need emergency shelter, they need food, they need clean drinking water.” She added that most of the refugees are women, children and older adults. In the past, Myanmar’s leader, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, has condemned attacks on Rohingya. Her statement said she spoke with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the crisis.It is the first language of more than 98 percent of the population.

The discussion was kicked off sharing the history of global Women’s movement and at national context. more The International Women’s Day is observed in the country with a call for gender parity in every sphere of life.

Refugees started flooding across the border after violence started in Myanmar’s Rakhine state on August 25.

The fighting began after a group called Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army launched attacks on police positions in Rakhine.

In more recent time the ever rising global nature of English has lead to words such as "television", "telephone", "video" and "radio" being adopted by Bangla.

However, unlike India, there has never been the need for English as a lingua franca and thus Bangla is the state language of Bangladesh.

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