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This is particularly useful for measuring whether your marketing efforts are being successful in encouraging more discussion of your brand.Sentiment: We can then look into the sentiment of each of the brands to attain whether that conversation is good or bad.Yesterday, I discussed setting up custom Dashboards for PR and Campaign tracking.In case you missed it, here’s a bit more information about why Dashboards are so important: Within Brandwatch, Dashboards are the magic that turn data into insights.We’ve set up an example here, using Coca-Cola as our primary brand and Pepsi and Mountain Dew as examples of competitors.In this example we’ve set up various different tabs, each showing us a different insight into our brand and our competitors.

This shows us the sites where the three brands are discussed most, and breaks down the share of voice of each brand on that site.You can choose a default Dashboard, which has some tabs already set up to show you the key insights such as a Summary, the top sites, authors, topics and mentions.There are also Channel-specific default Dashboards for Channels.You can then add to and customise these as you wish Plus, now with our recent launch of the ‘new’ Brandwatch, you can also open a completely blank Dashboard, ready for you to start from scratch if you prefer – one for the power users among you We’ve also recently added the ability to save your customised Dashboards as a template.You can then upload these as new Dashboards, and change them to any Query.

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