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A federal court grand jury in New York indicted the alleged hackers in January.

The FBI has said they worked for two private security computer companies in Iran that operate on behalf of the Iranian government. Cybersecurity experts say that even if local flooding is the worst that could have happened if the hacker opened the floodgate, the incident shows how vulnerable infrastructure is to such threats.“Iran is very technically capable of attacking our critical infrastructures,” says Joe Weiss, a cybersecurity expert who is a managing partner at Applied Control Solutions, a security consulting company, and a managing director at ISA99, a nonprofit international standards body.

The alleged hacking incident has thrust the village and its unassuming dam into the national spotlight.

Responding to an executive order by President Barack Obama, the U. Department of Homeland Security launched what it calls the Critical Infrastructure Cyber Community Voluntary Program in 2014 “to help critical infrastructure sectors and organizations reduce and manage their cyber risk.”Rye City Manager Marcus Serrano says the system for the dam in 2013 was “a standalone PC that had its own Internet connection to connect to the dam, and it wasn’t even functional at that point yet.

It was just gathering water levels and keeping that on a spreadsheet.”Mayor Rosenberg says it’s possible the Iranians chose the Bowman Avenue Dam because they mistook it for a more significant dam with a similar name.

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Situated between Nevada and Arizona, the dam is made of concrete and is 726 feet tall and 1,244 feet wide.

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