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In the first half of the 19th century the word already began to find its way into many neighbouring languages.

A speculation from 1835 about the origin of the French word oyez, which means "hört!

In around 1290 Heinrich von Freiberg used the form ahiu twice in his adaptation of Tristan as a greeting: "ahiu, Parmenois Tristan!

", alongside "ahiu, wie schône sie het sich ûz gefêgetieret", English: "ahiu, how prettily she has dressed! Ahiu has the same meaning as the interjections ahiv, ahiw and hiu, which occur in this text as well.

It can sometimes also be found on land spoken as a general greeting, again, especially in a maritime context. ', Seamen used the word "hoy" in the form of "hoay". Functionally related with "hoy" is a group of similar sounding calls and greetings in the Germanic languages: Middle and Modern English "hey" and "hi", German, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian hei, in Sweden hej,) is a commonly used as an informal greeting, comparable to "Hello".Seamen had been using ahoy long before the first recorded use in print in well-known seafaring songs or Shanties.There is a lack of research into handwritten letters and records from seamen.It expresses semantically a change in distance or presupposes it. " although in written German there is no Comma between the two words.s The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle (1751), is the first example of the expression ahoy in the English language.In most languages it can be used as an interjection, whilst in others it takes the form of a verb (e. English - "to ahoy", German - "ahoi sagen") or a Noun (e. Swedish - "ohoj", German - "das Ahoi") It is not known how the word spread in harbour towns or on ships with an international crew, especially as similar sounding interjections in a neighbouring language may have either interfered with or promoted the adoption. One early example of the expression can be found in William Falconer's Dictionary of the Marine (1780): "The usual expression is, Hoa, the ship ahoay! In the first edition of this dictionary (1769) the expression was still in its previous form hoay. In another early documented source, as well, ahoy was similarly used to catch someone's attention.

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